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Welcome To Metal Inquisition Records!
A label dedicated to real metal. Nu metal must suffer a painfull death and that is the main reason for the fomation of this label. The name of the label comes from a song by a 80's band called Pile Driver called of course.... "Metal Inquisition." Please check out our stock of underground bands and let us know what you like or do not like about the site. Metal Inquisition Records is not one of those corporate maggot Record Companies and we are not in it for the money. One reason we have a free site.
Metal inquisition Records is dedicated to bringing you cutting edge and indy metal at the lowest prices possible. We will not be undersold! If you see a CD listed lower in price anywhere else and want to buy that CD let us know and we will meet or beat any price out there. ANY BANDS interested in a distro deal to have your CD's sold here contact us right away. See our Contact page.

Make sure to see our free music selection below. Rare Demo's and the music is free via U.S. Mail.

PRO IMAGE IN the MALL, Lewiston Idaho. Phone Number (208) 746-1238

FREE DEMO's Selection
The bands are as follow and are mostly unsigned

EPITAPH (Iniquity Reigns Demo, now Called Brick bath) ESPIONAGE ( 1990 thrash with helloween type voclas) STRIKE FORCE (Early Metal Church Sound) DFA ( Pete Stone before he was in Brick bath and Fromer Psychotic Waltz ax man Steve Cox are fetured.) ESPIONAGE (Heed the warning Demo 1989) BATTALION (1991 Demo) WOLFGANG (1993 Demo, Megadeth Meets hair metal sound.) IRIS MOTOR (1995 Demo, Ex Sanity's Void Vocalist Greg in tool like band.) CORE DEVICE (God and Man 1998 Demo) HEXX Watergraves Wild Rags 1990) PSYCHOTIC WALTZ (1989 4 song Demo)

OK how to get this free Music? Pay attention: Send a list of the bands you want and include a 60 minute black tape for each band or a 90 minute tape for up to four bands. If you want all the bands send 4, 90 minute tapes to Metal Inquisition and request all the Demo's. We do not provide the tape nor do we take any money for tapes. You provide the tapes and cover all postage to and from. YOU NEED TO SEND US 3 stamps per tape you want retunred with music on it. If you are sneding 4, 90 minute tapes you need to include 9 Stamps. Make sure and send a Self addressed envelope! Send the stamps lose so we can send back any extra if they are not needed. Follow this to the letter and your will have all the music you want. See contact page for address.

In March we had some major problems with our AOL software and a Glitch on their end they either could or would not fix. Our New E-mail address is


The only difference between the new and old e-mail is the last letter. The new one ends with a Z rather then an S.

Again Welcome and have a look around. Support metal!